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Athena oil & Vinegar

The story of Athena Oil & Vinegar

Did you know that Athena was the patron goddess and protector of the city of Athens? Athena was awarded this status upon winning a contest between her and her brother, Poseidon.

According to Greek Mythology, Zeus had asked both Gods to offer the people of Athens a gift. Poseidon struck his strident and there came a spring. However, the water was very salty and was of no use to the people. On the other hand, Athena produced an olive tree with bountiful edible fruits.

The greatest gift of Athena

Consequently, the Athenians chose Athena’s gift. Henceforth, the Olive tree became the greatest gift of Athena and until this day, both fruit and oil are two of the most important pillars of Greek cuisine.

Through centuries, the Greeks have considered olive oil as “liquid gold” and used it as both food and medicine. It comes as no surprise that people in the Mediterranean live longer and suffer less from heart conditions. Unlike other oils, olive oil is very versatile and can be used in cooking and garnishing.


We love olive oil and add it to almost all of our dishes, especially salads and roasts. On numerous occasions, we make healthy dips with butter, herbs and vinegar and consume it with freshly baked bread. There is no limit to what you can do with olive oil.

Created out of passion

Infused oils & vinegar

Slow heat method to infuse

We were always on the lookout for herb infused olive oils in farmers markets or pop-up specialty stores around Metro Manila, but found none. Naturally, we decided to create our own herb infused oils, using extra virgin olive oil and good quality herbs and spices.

Using “slow heat method” to infuse for long hours at low temperatures and most importantly, following minimum food safety requirements, we successfully crafted our infused oils – full of bold flavors and fragrant aromas.

Olive oils and vinegars

Yet we didn’t stop there. What goes well with olive oils? Vinegar! It adds a splash of freshness and slight acidity to any dish. Like, oil, it is another versatile ingredient in any kitchen or cuisine. And there you have it, Athena was founded – where you find artisanal infused oils and vinegars, homemade!

Premium quality


Quality is very important to us. As such, we only use extra virgin olive oil and premium cane vinegar. Cane vinegar has a mild taste and is best used when infusing herbs or fruits – not to mention that it is widely available in the Philippines. Further, the herbs are acidified overnight to prevent molds and bacterial growth. This is also the reason why we strongly advise to keep our oils refrigerated once opened. Refrigeration will not only preserve the flavor but also prevent rancidity. The vinegars may be kept at room temperature since the bottles are pasteurized and the acidity will ensure no bacterial growth.

Two types of bottles

Our artisanal infused oils and vinegars are packaged in two types of bottles, one cylindrical and the other rectangular. Due to the delays in the bottle production brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we needed to have two options in case the supply of one type of bottle was delayed. Regardless, we assure you that the contents are accurate, rather more than less.

While some bottles appear to be filled up to the brim, the filling is alike. Some bottles may contain more herbs increasing the level of the oil or vinegar up to the cap. Others contain almost the same weight of herbs yet not filled completely up to the cap. This is because the herbs are soaked for long hours and have absorbed its weight in oil. The herbs in the bottles are merely for decorative purposes. Due to the fact that the oil or vinegar have been infused for long hours, the flavor and aroma are blended in the liquid. Rest assured, the contents are exact.

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100% natural

No preservatives

We are also proud to share that our products are not only premium and healthy but are also preservative free, gluten free, and vegan. Therefore, Athena’s artisanal infused oils and vinegars can be consumed and enjoyed by many and are the perfect non-conventional gifts to our loved ones for any occasion. Go to our webshop and try our products. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll respond as soon as we can.